Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist Body Purifying Exfoliant

This revitalizing Grown Alchemist Purifying Body Exfoliant with pearl, peppermint and ylang ylang is formulated with a sensuous, nutrient and antioxidant-rich blend of efficacious bioactive ingredients that gently remove dead skin cells; leaving the skin noticeably softened, smooth and deeply cleansed.  
- Removes dead skin cells and improves cell turnover 
- Calming and soothing 
- Smooth, firm and refreshed skin that feels soft and smooth 
- Suitable for all skin types; especially for textured, dry and uneven skin 

Key ingredients:  
- Aragonite and conchiolin proteins from pearl gently remove dead skin cells, noticeably decongesting the skin and improving cell turnover, maximizing the skin’s ability to absorb moisturizers. 
- Ylang Ylang and geranium oil noticeably remove excess sebum, visibly improve the skin texture and appearance, and reduce skin discolorations, leaving skin looking clearer, more even-toned and soothed, without irritating, drying or removing the skin’s acid mantle.  
- Calming and soothing natural peppermint extract and aromas of ylang ylang, sandalwood and bergamot provide uplifting, stress- relieving and calming aromatic benefits.  
- Antioxidant-rich rosemary leaf extract assists visually restoring skin suppleness and softness, rejuvenating the skin, leaving it looking smoother, firmer and refreshed. 

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