GRAYDON superfood serum 30 ML

$55 $87

A revitalizing face oil serum

This velvety-smooth revitalizing serum is blended with superfoods that will nourish your skin. Its luxurious formula works to hydrate your complexion and promote skin elasticity. The powerful blend of superfood oils absorbs easily into the skin while offering protection from drying elements and long-term damage. Plus, it doubles as a nutrient-dense brow serum!


How it helps

HYDRATES your skin with linoleic acid from raspberry seed oil  

REDUCES the appearance of fine lines with vitamin A found in goji seed oil

REFINES pores by removing excess oil with curcumin found in turmeric

ENHANCES the look of your skin’s natural tone and texture with vitamin B3 from chia seed oil

BRIGHTENS skin with saffron stem cell extract

SOOTHES and calms skin with beta-glucan rich oat oil

PROMOTES smooth and supple skin with omega-rich essential fatty acids from sacha inchi

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